Text Flow
SPECIALIST A2P SMS service provider
owned and operated by professionals
from the Telecom DOMAIN
across the globe.
World Class
A2P SMS service
Direct Interconnections
Least hops to our Clients
Telco-Grade fully redundant SMSC infrastructure
Tons Of Useful Features
Text Flow brings you plenty of handy
White Labelled Tools
Text Flow provides high service availability
and 24/7 technical support.
Reseller Programme
High message throughput, no queues
Direct connections to mobile operators
Fully featured SMS solution
Real-time delivery reports
Top-Notch Design
SMS messaging web portal
Industry standard SMPP v3.4 APIs
Unicode, Binary and Multi-part messages
Support for SS7 protocol
Wide Range Coverage
500+ operators
Spread Across 100+ countries
Short code coverage in entire Middle East

About Us

About Us

TextFlow is a specialist A2P SMS service provider owned and operated by specialists from the Telecom domain across the globe.

TextFlow is a global provider of mobile solutions, connecting MNOs & enterprises through a world-class Telco-grade SMSC infrastructure

Business Vision

To offer world-class A2P SMS service using direct interconnections and least hops to our enterprise and wholesale clients through our Telco-Grade fully redundant SMSC infrastructure.

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